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Well loved toys should be in pieces and shared.


The people behind Wayback Chronicles:

Jack "Wayback" Verret

With a love for 80's properties, particularly Masters of the Universe, and Pepsi, Mr. Wayback, Jack brings a 40 plus year knowledge of trivia and a discerning pallet for Jelly Belly candies and is married to Mrs. Wayback, Kristie. She is armed with knowledge in the areas Mr. Wayback has none, Mrs. Wayback covers the opinion on more girl oriented lines, Care Bears, Rainbow Bright and others.  The Wayback have 3 children here on earth: Allie, Ruth and Jojo, all being versed in 80's pop culture, and 4 babies in Heaven. When not talking retro, the Bible is close by for the ultimate retro topic, God's everlasting Grace. 

Kristie "Care Bear Stare" Verret

aka Mrs. Wayback

We like to visit the past regularly, not only for nostalgia but for a restful experience through our favorite shows, movies, books and toys.

Now if Cornquestos could come back. Join us as we visit a time gone by. Grab your Tab, Trapper Keeper and Nosey bears, it's gonna be a wild ride!


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