A gun and fists? I'm in.

Renting NES games was quite the adventure in itself. What the elusive TMNT game be there? Does the store have 3 day rentals? Would your parents stop by after school on Friday? These are big questions that were on my mind as a child.

Afters weeks, and I do mean weeks, of TMNT being rented I needed to search for other games to rent. There were some stinkers and some great finds. Amagon was one of these titles that I came across.

This game in particular became THE game of choice for me. Amagon, known in Japan as Totsuzen! Machoman, is for the Nintendo Entertainment System and developed by Aicom and released December, 1988. Soooo, your plane crashes and you have to fight your way through the jungle, fight this that and every kind of creature, earthly and otherworldly just to get off this island. The game gets a capital D for difficulty. Jumps were to be precise and one millisecond to soon or late would be impending doom for sure. Now, you were armed with your gun, but had a limited supply of bullets and ammunition was scarce. Not to worry though, when you are out of ammunition you can just club everything over the head with your gunstock. Easier said than done though.

This was the majority of the each level until you found the power up mushrooms/amagon power-ups. These were even more scarce with at least 2 to be found per level. After collecting these you needed to find the right time to unleash the beast. This was usually saved for the end of the level to fight the boss.

Wait, you're not my father.

After powering up, you were huge, and jogged in placed for some reason, while commencing to punch everything in your way. Now this may sound silly, but the music became so much better when powering up. It was so good that I held my cassette recorder to the tv and recorded this music and listened to it until the tape sound degraded and was no longer playable.

I would like to say that eventually I just bought the game from the video store but alas no, the store went out of business and the game was not to be played again by me still until this day. I know that its emulated, but it takes away from the experience of mashing that fire button as fast as you can, call me a purist. Some things come around once and those memories are better than trying to keep that feeling going. That feeling is meant for that time to be looked at fondly and bring a smile to your face when you are stressed or are longing for some nostalgia.

Now if you find a game you like, buy it so you can play it 30 years later to spark the 10 year old in you.

Till next time.


I'm running, yes indeed I'm punching....

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