Autoboats.....row out!!!!

Whatchoo mean Optimus isn't in the picture?

Many things were sacred on the playground, area to play, soccer, letting the water fountain run until it got cold and if you see a movie, don't spoil it for everyone until at least a week goes by.

In my previous posts, transformers were a big deal and these toys were treasured to no end. When someone brought Jetfire to school, I lost my mind. It was a valkyrie fighter from Robotech! So it was just part if the school day that you would naturally discuss what happened on Transformers the previous day. Many an argument was to be had and many adventures to be played out on the monkey bars.

Optimus Prime was the Autobot everyone wanted to be and the term roll out was regularly used. In 1986 a film came out that changed my 10 year old mind. Transformers: The Movie had come out after weeks of advertisements on the weekly cartoon, it was here. This was not that Michael Bay nonsense, but my Transformers. I would like to say that my parents rushed out and took me to see this film but alas that did not happen. I got to go home and play out what I thought would be happening. After that, He-man still remained king in the toybox.


After the weekend, the dreaded Monday school day was here and many things were to be discussed. The rule maintained no spoilers for at least a week. This remained true until lunch. All of the normal conversations about the Friday cartoon were going on, but the air changed, it became a bit more metallic in odor. I don't think I was prepared for what I was about to hear. Optimus dies!!! Wait, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's not true, that's impossible. Search your Sorry, Empire flashback. Anyway, our beloved hero dies and there was cursing! Not feeling conflicted, I had to find out more. I discovered that Ultra Magnus was the potty mouth. He definitely didn't light the darkest hour. There were more deaths in this movie than I could remember ever seeing in my life: Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Ratchet, Starscream and many more. We did get a new leader out of this, Rodimus Prime. A great character, but no Optimus.

My school

So glad to hear about the movie, but it wasn't until 4 years later that I actually got the watch this on VHS. Our family did not have a rental account anywhere until I asked if we could rent movies. This was the first one we ever rented and would lead down a path of movie collecting from there on out. The buildup to this was tremendous and the movie did not let me down. I picked up the special release a couple years back and I still love it. Now that we live in TN, when Hot Rod tells Daniel, "Wait till you see it from Lookout Mountain." I think he's letting me know something.

You Got the Touch

If you haven't seen this movie, I beg you to please replace the Bayformers in your memory with this version of Transformers. You'll be glad you did. But don't get me started on how bad the toys were though. Not good but I had quite a few anyway. I even picked up an anniversary Hot Rod. Still not good, but good.

Till next Time,


Lookout Mountain, here we come.

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