Comb...o..quitos, pop em and crunch em?

Corn-Quisto? Why, yes please!

Allowance is a thing if beauty. Taking out the trash, doing dishes or cutting the grass provided funds for whatever your heart desired. In a certain price range that is.

In 1984, at the ripe old age of 8, I had dreams of being on Eternia feeding Battlecat while hanging out with the Duke boys jumping Colt Seavers pickup truck with the General Lee. Now my friends had other interests, such as sports and other toy lines but I had an obsession with a snack food that lasted until the snack was gone. Which in hind site was a very short period of time.

This snack was Corn-Quitstos, the snack that will make you say, Ole! Unfortunately, I came to the party late. Corn-Quistos had been out a while and just when I discovered this crunchy morsel of intercontinental flavor wrapped up in a corn chip only to discover that it was discontinued. I don't know if you have ever had a snack come into your life and change your palette overnight but it did for me. The first bag was purchased by my parents from the Rouses grocery store as a treat for doing well in school that week. The following bags however, were purchased be me which took some doing.

First, one must convince their parents that this is the greatest snack ever made and if you eat it world peace will be achieved, hunger eliminated and every home will have KITT in their driveway. Trying to get parents on your side always helps with aquireing snacks. Second, you need to find a reason to go to Rouses. This is harder than you think, toilet paper can only run out so many times a week before suspicion kicks in. Third, money. This needs no explanation, money is hard to come by. The trash only needs to be taken out once unless you put a lot of toilet paper in there. Last time I checked, GI Joe had Cobra under control so no bounty there. Then you start to branch out and learn how to do new things, like shine shoes. Now trying to get your dad to get the same one pair of shoes shined multiple times a day can be tough. That is why Paw Paw is there!!

Fountain of youth? Possibly

After round up my coins for my jobs and making sure that your dad wants to check the used bread, it's a long story, at Rouses, I kicked into gear and was in the truck before you knew it. I knew that I had enough to buy them out, and that was true because there were only 3 bags left. THREE!!!???! It was hard to know that this was the end of what was the greatest snack on the planet. I got my bags, paid for them and walked out of the store happy and sad. Thrilled to have my snacks and sad to know that the last one I had eaten was it. My plan was to ration these out and have the trill of the taste and enjoy that flavor. This plan was good but then I proceeded to eat all three bags in one day. THREE!!!???!

This Corn-Quistos put me on a quest to find the greatest snack food out in the continental US. I know it's a limited stretch, but I am afraid to fly. You may say, Combos are just as good, but I beg to differ! Combos lack the panache, feel and flavor. You can't pop em or crunch em, you chew on them because they are a cracker. And they sure don't make you say Ole! Come on Mars company, make it 1984 again, maybe a Stranger Things edition?

Till Next Time,


Corn-Quistos, get your own box!

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