Flying with String?

Once again, a trip to Kmart that was a weekly event, produced something odd yet really fun to play with. A toy line that is utterly ridiculous but makes sense to a young mind saying, "Why can't this work?" A toy line that didn't require batteries or demanded you know the story line at all.

So many eart

Man we are so cool!

h tones and neon. Small enough to bring with you but to oddly designed to fit in your pocket. Yes I'm talking about Sky Commanders.

Back in 1987, there was a film that made me almost give up on Masters of the Universe, but it did not. During this time of confusion that was Dolph and Company, there were some interesting toy lines to emerge and Sky Commanders was one of these. There was a cartoon, comic book series, apparel and toys. While I did see the cartoon and the comic, the toys seemed to be a bit late to game in my home town.

This kinda says it all.

The first and only one i bought with my money was Search And Rescue with Rex Cling. It was alien in design and trying to figure out to how work this contraption. After a few tries and tangled string I was scaling the skies like an old pro, or just the chair to the floor. Either way, I was king of this domain.

No string, Ugh.

Now, I seemed to be the only cheerleader for this brand going on and on about this line on the playground. This was met met with the number one question, Why? Even my friends that I know would have my back asked this question. After a couple of weeks, I decided to give up on pushing this brand any further. Two weeks might seem short, but in my 11 year old state, this was a whole marketing career and it just left me tired.

With that, I still watched the cartoon and read the comics here and there and played with my one toy. I gave up the ghost a week later and the toy has been lost to time. But recently, after stumbling onto a feature on Toy Galaxy, I have a new appreciation for what they were trying to do.

Sign me up!

It's an interesting toy line to say the least and worth looking into if you want a good conversation piece. The cartoon is available online and the issues of the comic can be found but the toys are gonna cost you a little bit.

Now go get some string!


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