Galaxy Huh?

My space is your space.

September 13, 1986 on CBS and ran for 13 episodes until December 6, 1986.

Saturday morning cartoons in the 70's and 80's were awesome and can't be beat for the shear amount of good content. This event was not to be taken lightly. You worked hard all week at school, doing chores and homework to have it all be rewarded by a Saturday Supercade.

I enjoyed all of the regular shows: Smurfs, Mr. T, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, Snorks and Dungeons & Dragons. There are too many to list, but there was a block of cartoons that were on before the regular toons were on. If it were not for the fact that I was an early riser I would not have discovered todays cartoon entry.

There were many perks of getting up early: Control of the TV, snacks of your choice and Control over the TV!! 5AM was the wakeup time to catch this toon, Galaxy High!! Which ran from September 13, 1986 to December 6, 1986 for a total of 13 episodes. Which ran in syndication in 1987. Thinking that there would be a second season, I was gearing up to follow the adventures of Doyle and Aimee as they continued their education and hijinks in space. This was not to come about as there would only be one season sadly.

We can all get along.

The show was created by Chris Columbus of Home Alone and too many other hit movies to list. It also boasted a very memorable theme song by Don Felder. Give it a listen and you'll be humming it all day long.

In my opinion, it was some of the best animation that was on television at the time rivaled only by Disney. Original memorable characters, great stories and concepts, what not to like? It was one of the prototypical geek shows on television presented to children. The intelligent people are to be respected and the jocks are passed by in this society swap covering 22 minutes. A dream come true. Now while I did play sports, I felt that in space I really could fit in with my quirks of geekdom. Doyle's the greatest......on Earth?

Doyle's the greatest......on Earth?

This show needed a toy line which in my mind would have solidified it getting more episodes and spreading the intelligence over brawn idea. While, controversial statement coming, Big Bang Theory may have the ratings, I also feel tha it is making fun of geek culture. Only wrapped in laughs, but who is being laughed at? Now, enough of that.

Galaxy High is a really great cartoon and should be explored by everyone. It tackled issues that were not addressed in cartoons at the time, the drug episode stands out as the beacon for the series. Well worth waking up at 5AM to catch Teen Wolf then Galaxy High.

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Galaxy High, Galaxy High, Galaxy High

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