I Ain't Afraid A No Tri-Klops

Permanant Pout......Check!

Let me start off by saying this will be the first of many Masters of the Universe topics to be covered. Not only because it's the greatest toy line, cartoon, clothing and toothpaste toppers of all time, but because IT IS the the greatest toy line, cartoon, clothing and toothpaste toppers of all time.

Now onto a memory. Saturdays were cram packed with things to do, cartoons to watch, bikes to ride, church and the obligatory trip to K-Mart after said church happening. It also meant that allowance was coming due after a week of chores and the man had to pay up!

After getting the hefty payday, it was excitement abound wondering what could be lurking down the toy isle at K-Mart. Going to church meant that if we had the right priest, we would be out of there in 45 min. Or if you weren't lucky, you got the priest that got lost in his own homily talking about how we all need to show Christ to each other while dog train nugget oh shiny gravel tire. Luckily, we got in and out in said 45 min. Now off to K-Mart!!

You fool!! I can't see in 3D!!

Arriving to a relatively medium size crowd, the toy isles were all but vacant. This meant not having to pick quickly in order to get the figure or vehicle you wanted before it disappeared. After pondering over a new Cobra Commander or Jedi Luke the Masters section was calling my name. Now I had quite a few good guys but not nearly enough bad guys. Skeletor can only be beat so many times before things get old so it was time to throw someone new into the fray. Was it going to be Beast Man or Trap Jaw? Oh no, Tri-Klops was to be chosen among the baddy assortment. Plus he had a glow in the dark ring! Wait, I can wear He-Man stuff to bed and keep it on all the time? I'm in!!

After a round of fighting He-Man and Man-E-Faces, a round in the pool and a bath it was time for bed. This is the point where things changed. Remember that glow in the dark ring from before? I would become my most frightening possession. Now when it gets dark, the ring does what it's supposed to do, glow, and it did. The only thing is is that to my 7 year old mind this ring should be able to be turned out and not glow. This ring scared me to no end. Under my pillow it still glowed, under the bed it still glowed, behind the books on the shelf, IT STILL GLOWED. Even behind the darkness of books, the eerie green glow seemed to find me where ever I looked.

My Nightmare Maker!

I had had enough, I took the ring to the bathroom and hid it under the never ending stack of towels to where the glow was squashed under the cottony softness. Now I could rest easy, and I did. The next morning I went to find the ring, it was still there, my precious. This hiding of the ring would go on for about a week, but then like every new thing, scary or not, it found it's way to the bottom of the toy box. I still have this ring and it is at my parents house 900 miles away safely tucked away, but every time I see a faint glow in the distance I wonder sometimes if that is my ring letting me know that it is still there waiting for my return or just the afterglow of the city.

All in all, Tri-Klops is a great figure and if you don't have him in your collection, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Remember don't let things scare you because you don't know how things work, luminescence anyone, you can ask and find out what it is and how it works.

Till next time,


The very K-Mart I shopped in Houma, LA.

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