Incredibly scared!

I lost a lot of sleep as a child because I was scare to death that Hulk was going to come busting through the wall and toss me across the world. But I never missed an episode, Hulk was on I was there.

This may seem silly to some but to a six year old this was scary stuff. This man that was fond of hiking would get angry and turn into a monster and being there was no internet or people to ask about if this was real. I was so intrigued by the transformation that I would run out of the room and peer from behind the corner at the screen just so Mr. Green Jeans wouldn't see me.

I have 2 neighbors

It wasn't until Mr. Rogers showed that Bill Bixby did not change into Lou Ferrigno and the television magic was revealed. It was 2 people! On one hand I was relieved and on the other I was dissappointed. It was at this point that my Hulk fandom would begin, starting the the TV show, then the cartoon, comics and toys.

The 80's cartoon was incredible (pun intended) and such a blast to watch. There have been many cartoons that keep on the hulking tradition going, but culminating with the Avengers Marvel movies in which Hulk was fully realized!

Solomon Grundy Say.....Oh wait.

The Hulk universe has so many great characters, heroes and villians: Abomination, Leader, She Hulk, Skaar, Hulkbuster, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, General "Thunderbolt" Ross a.ka. Red Hulk. In the comic world, The End is probably my favorite. It means more now that I'm getting older and what do you do when everyone and everything you know is gone? Intrigued, go check it out.

Now, I'm not scared of Hulk anymore, thanks Mr. Rogers, but now have an appreciation for the struggle to escape from yourself but you are with yourself all the time. Still my favorite as well as his cousin She-Hulk, but still not as great as the Eternia Crew. If you still don't know about Hulk or need a place to start, the internet is full of resources as well as Disney+. It will be well worth your time!

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