Live Long and That's Not What I Asked You.

What do you mean, got Vulcan?

As the title says, this is going to be about Star Trek. While I wasn't alive for the first go round, I'm pretty sure my mother watched Star Trek. She would tell me stories of my cousin getting into multiple fights when her siblings referred to her favorite character as Mr. Spook. Again, I was not born yet so I missed out on these storied fights over Mr. Spock.

I did however grow up in the late 70's and 80's so at this point Star Trek was in syndication and would be on 3 times a day 10 AM, 6 PM and 10:30 PM. Now I don't have to go over the history of Star Trek, there are sites that know way more than I do and if you do a search, you can easily find them.

The show being in syndication was great for the summer because I caught up on quite of bit of the lore. I think my friends may have found it odd that I would disappear at these times but come right after an hour. There were many episodes that I remember, Amok Time, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and Arena to name a few. There were also many characters that my child brain could not process without thinking Mr. Spock was an Elf, Mr. Sulu had to be proficient in kung fu and that Captain Kirk was really unlikeable. Yes you read that right, I did not like Captain Kirk as a child, to me he was a bully trying to get his way all the time. But now that I'm older I see that he was doing what a leader needed to do keep his crew safe.

Now there was one thing that stands out among all of the symbols and gesturing throughout the show. I'm not talking about the logo, or the flailing karate chops or even neck pinching paralysis. I am talking about the Vulcan Salute. Again in class, my teacher asked a question about English or some such nonsense and I stood up and threw up my best Vulcan Salute with my chest puffed out stating,"Can you do this, it's the Eagle sign of peace?" Now at that moment, time stopped and with a Matrix style wraparound camera shot, I could feel all of the other Vulcans in the world feeding me their power and standing tall. Then reality hit me, with my teachers own eyebrow raised said, "Oookaaay, that not the answer I am looking for and after class please see me." My heart sank a little, how could anyone not appreciate this gesture of peace and now reciprocate? And With Both Hands at That!!

To boldly green screen.

After that, I did sit back down with a bit of giggling and snickering going on. While this sounds bad, I did notice kids in the class trying to emulate this sign, so a small win for me in this battle. I'm sure that many of those kids would go on to become Star Trek fans because of this or they may have turned to another small independent Star property. If a show can impact you on that level the writers are doing something right, even at a young age.

This is funny because my favorite character back then was not Spock, but Mr. Sulu. Mrs. Wayback and I still watch Star Trek to this day in all of it's shapes and forms, pausing dramatically with mood lighting, we love it. So to everyone reading this, Live Long and Prosper.

Till next time.


Stare... way to Heaven Spock? Indeed.

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