Ram Man

Collect them all!

Back in the early eighties many things were happening for the first time. In 1980, the Rubik's cube appeared and cause endless frustration, Pac-man was debuting, MTV was debuting and in 1981, I had to go to the dentist. Now you ask, why is this a memorable moment on the 80's timeline? It's not that I had to go to the dentist, everyone does and is scared, but it was the toy that gave me comfort for this first ever visit. That toy was Ram Man from the Masters of the Universe! Or another name is: The greatest toy line and cartoon of all time. Don't argue, just accept it, no greater items made of plastic will be greater than these!

Now that we have the position established, back to the story. I can't remember the dated exactly other than it was during school so i got to miss half of a day. This was great in my mind, out of school for half a day, cartoons, Beenee Weenies, bike riding and toy playing!

My Snake Mountain!

This would not be the case though, the dentist was at the forefront of this day. Waking up that morning, everything seemed normal until about 9 AM when we had to get in the car to leave. I frantically searched for a source of strength and found Ram Man in the toy pile. It was as if he called out from the pile to say I'll be with you and protect you. So as I sat in the car waiting for my mom, I looked at Rammy and said thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again. Clutching him in my hand, we went off to a tartar war!!

Boing oing oing oing oing

After getting to the office the time in the waiting room seemed to take an Eternia, but my time came and I walked down the hall to the chair with Rammy in retracted mode as to stop any of these unknown people dressed in all blue scrubs and big hair. Luckily for them I did not have to unleash the power of the living ram upon them. I never let him go the entire time.

After the exam was over and I had no cavities there was a calmness and a sigh of relief that I had come through my battle unscathed. Now, Ram Man will always be one of my favorites because of this trip to the dentist, but after my visit we went to K Mart and I got to pickup another figure, Man-E-Faces. Which I'll talk about that one later on.

Who's the favorite now?

Ram Man was from the original 1st wave of toys put out by Mattel and also played in many of the Filmation cartoon episodes. I can never for get him calling Shakoti, "Shapoopi" from "House of Shakoti" being a bit more on the comical side and having a big heart and a not so big mind, he reminded me a little bit of myself. I know I have banged my head against a wall many times.

If you don't have one in your collection, he can be picked up on ebay from anywhere from $5 - $75 depending on condition and completeness. I urge you to grab one because with the He man reboot coming next year the prices may jump up.


A toy can bring us a sense of security as children and helps us through tough times when we don't have anyone to talk to. Never underestimate the power of cartoon media. Now go grab a Pepsi and some Doritos and go watch some He Man!!

See you next time!


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