Visionaries....Knights of the Magical Holograms

Oh how great a day it was when hologram stickers came out. It didn't matter what the sticker was: Christmas, My Little Pony, HeMan, this was a great addition to your sticker book!

These were all good, but the fact that they were bigger than G.I.Joe made such an impression. Including a mythos that went along with a cartoon and comic books. Everything 80's toys was about! Such a great time to be alive. Now, Masters of the Universe is still tops, but this line did grab my attention. In terms of gimmicks, this toy line did it the best. Supernaturals did come out the same year but if the sticker fell off, you have a figure with no front. They were still awesome but limited.

Visionaries...See the Rainbow!!

Visionaries were only available for a short time due to the short run of the series, but worthwhile in tracking down anything you can find. I will let you know that these items do have a pretty hefty price tag and the entry cost is high. The good thing is that there were not a ton of figures to collect, but the vehicles are an entirely different story. Even parts for vehicles can bring a tidy sum as most of these vehicles are incomplete from play. Unfortunately, there are no full episodes on youtube and the only official dvd is found on amazon uk.

Tums anyone?

The intro clip is on youtube and do a search and you'll find it! If you like your sword and sorcery mixed with science, this series is for you!

Till next time!


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