Wings of Metal...Silverhawks, Hoooooooooooe

We're cool because we are made of metal and that is our temperature.

Afternoons were great for coming home after school. So many choices of cartoony goodness. There was something for everyone: Swords and magic, guns and ghosts or feathery creatures frolicking through the streets of Duckburg.

Thundercats was one of these shows that I enjoyed on these afternoons, but that is not what I'd like to discuss. The show I would like to discuss is very similar to Thundercats except instead of fur, it is metal! Iron Maiden, no just kidding, but 2 Minutes to Midnight is a great song. Silverhawks!!! Partly metal, partly real!!

After the build up to this cartoon for weeks in advance, I counted down the days to when this would premier. My only problem was that I got out of my school, Maria Immaculata at 3PM and it was a good 20-30 min commute back home through the traffic. So lets just say I missed the premier which was quite disappointing to 10 year old me. But would be fixed but the glory of syndication!

I mean, look at these designs!

I caught up on all the episodes and probably saw each one twice. I greatly enjoyed this show even more than Thundercats, but still did not overtake He-Man and Friends. This show had everything, heroes and heroines, some great character designs, robotic cybernetics, space ships, a hulk like enemy that turned to metal. Thanks for the nightmares Mon-Star. And a flying armor plated Squid!! ? I kid you not.

Now that is not to say that this show had it's problems, sometimes the writing and dialogue seemed a bit lazy and the plots sort of fell apart. But none of that mattered, they shot lasers out of their shoulders and you learned science at the end of each episode! The other big ding on this show, for me, is the toy line that was produced.

Lord Va...Star

The toys were presented in 80's fashion being the most fun thing you could have adventures with and never be bored. After weeks of Wal-Mart and K-Mart trips, I finally had enough to purchase Quicksilver. It was so exciting to get the leader and the anxiety of hoping he was there after church was almost unbearable. But he was there as well as every other figure from the line. I tended to build things up way more in my mind as a child that what I liked would be loved by everyone and would completely disappear from shelves never to be seen again. I still do this even today, but with adult life things and worries. In my 10 year old selfs case, and many others, not true. These would wind up in the clearance section about 6 months later, but then they would disappear. At that time I picked up a Bluegrass figure.

Now back to quicksilver. The toy looked good and had an action feature! Squeeze the legs and the arms would pop out ready for flight. Which was fun for the afternoon but got old quickly. Bluegrass wasn't to much more exciting other than the fact that he was a guitar missile launcher. Not once did he ever do that on the show. Again fun for the first time but not a long play. The figures looked great but the figure in the intro to the commercial was fully articulated and these figures were 5 points of articulation. Which given the greatest of He-man that should not have been a problem, but they more felt like the Empire Strikes Back C-3PO that would come apart. The vac metal looked cool but flaked off very quickly which exposed the which plastic underneath. Another disappointment.

"I can't put my arms down." - Randy

I have to say that the cartoon is where my happiness lies with this series. Only 2 seasons were made and both shown from September 1986 to December 1986 for a total of 68 episodes and was produced by Rankin Bass of Thundercats fame. The theme song was great as well. Once you hear, Tallyhawk....sha plong plong plongya you will be humming that all day long, try it and tell me I'm wrong!

Whether you like Silverhawks or not, it was a great series that I think could be rebooted and be great if done right. If not the show is great as it is and please Mattel, you already have done a great job with Thundercats, make this so as well.

Till next time,


Printed on paper, words in ink, Silverhawwwwks.

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