Wrist Racers Go!

Yeeeee Kawwww!!

Flea markets are always a great place to find random things. Canton Texas, which deserves it's own space, was the prime place to pick up some random things.

After 8 hours in the car at 55MPH you hoped to get something great at the first table you came to. Some summers things were hit and miss and sometimes you would have to wait a couple of years before you could find the things that were popular in the current moment.

Bo is the windshield dirty?

One year I discovered Wrist Racers. I could only pick one and the General Lee was it. These mini cars with a wrist launcher were good but did not live up to the image in my mind of jumping ravines and outrunning Sheriff Rosco. It was more of a pop the top and watch your car slowly roll out. Still a great line for nostalgia and a little hard to come by complete. If you like cars or wearable toys, be sure to be on the lookout for these.

Till next time,


We're late, Uncle Jessie's gonna be mad.

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