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1930s Wyandotte Sand-O-Land Boat. Car and Shovel Sand Toy.


The box: 

"It rolls... It floats!"

"Oh! The animals think this boat is grand!

For now they can float or ride on land.

As it tells along, just watch it rock

You can fill it with sand or building blocks.


"It rolls - It floats

Watch it rock like a ship as you pull it along. 

Complete with shovel. 

Sand-O-Land is a perfect sand toy.

Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe.


"Sandy was a little lad, who had a boat named "SAND-O-LAND". He sailed up and down the pond, to watch the water go round and round. 

One day while Sandy was sailing and scheming, he though t'we be nice to go wheeling. As Sandy was handy with blocks and knocks, he put SAND-O-LAND on four wheels. 

On many, many night while sleeping, Sandy would dream of a Castle light, and see all the Fairies dressed in white. Quite and adventure it would be, and Oh! such a pretty sight.

So Sandy set off to Fairyland, in his teensy-weeny SAND-O-LAND. 

When he arrived he was merry and free, 'cause everyone there was happy as could be.

There were Fairies and Fairies and a Princess named True, Who served chocolate cake and ice-cream too. After we sand and played and ran, we all took a ride in SAND-O-LAND.

Wh had lots of fun and laughter, and soo... lived on ever after."

1930s Wyandotte Sand-O-Land Boat

SKU: TY00060
  • Approximately 10.4

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